Twitter is an Internet “micro-blogging” service, meaning it is an interactive World Wide Web communication method for expressing quick ideas to friends (followers), giving status updates, for immediate distribution of information or exchange of short opinions.

Here’s a 2 minute You Tube explanation:

Slideshow:  Getting Started with Twitter

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4 Responses to Twitter

  1. Sylvio Siffrain says:

    This course training was very helpful and I’ve learned some stuff—I am glad it was available to me to take.

  2. Nicole Williams says:

    Remote technology will become ubiquitous in the coming years. Even the line between remote and local will disappear as networks become almost exclusively wireless from the client side.

  3. Synapse says:

    Technology, along with its security counterpart, is a forever evolving tool.

  4. fcarner1 says:

    I knew less than I thought I knew.

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