At the bottom of this page are clear, step by step links to PC Magazine articles on how to secure Facebook (June 2011).

Parents, grandparents and friends of those with Facebook pages can help by repeatedly reminding Facebook-ers to, at absolute minimum, remove Last names, Dates of Birth, Telephone numbers and Addresses from Facebook pages.  Short, repeated reminders are more effective than long lectures. 

It is part of parental responsibility to learn about, friend and monitor their children’s Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Cell Phone and other social tools. The rapid increase in identity theft of those under 18 is very likely directly related to the abundance of personal information on social websites. 10% of those under 18 have ALREADY HAD THEIR IDENTITY STOLEN, but they just don’t know it yet. When they go into the working world and try to establish credit, or when an employer does a credit check on them (and they don’t get the job) or try to buy a house, will be when the full magnitude of child identity theft becomes apparent. It is critical that parents NOW, oversee that children do not post PII information to any social media, email accounts, or web pages.

Parents should also check children’s free credit report on at least an annual basis (see IX Plans for details). Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion on Facebook Privacy The problem he isn’t recognizing, is that all the information used to steal identities is available in one place — On Facebook! On a more sinister level, Facebook is a hunting ground for pedophiles. Pictures of children, the school they go to and often school schedules are all posted publicly. Ads (the lifeblood of “free” Facebook) is a rich source of “pigeons” for spammers and phishers. Nothing on the Internet is free! NOTHING! The cost is information about you!

September, 2011  article with steps to lock down Facebook.  Links to each of the article sections.

1. Secure your friends list

2. Secure your account settings

3. Secure your privacy settings

4. Secure the miscellaneous bits

7/12/2011 New information just released about Facebook video calling.  Using Safari, the video calling feature does not shut down when you end the call.  You have to reboot the computer! See this article for details.


3 Responses to Facebook

  1. Sydney says:

    Very information……I will share with my family.

  2. Synapse says:

    Every Facebook newcomer should go through their own Risk v. Benefit analysis before using the website.

  3. JRB says:

    I am forewarned and follow through will happen this weekend! Thanks for the in-depth information on Facebook.

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