This material is presented in person, quarterly,  (and more often during October Cybersecurity Month) at the Jefferson Parish Libraries, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.  The speakers are several of the Information System Security Professionals of the Greater New Orleans  chapter of ISACA.  Check the Jefferson Parish Public Library website: for future classes scheduled there.  You can also call and ask for additional sessions.

The New Orleans PC Club is another resource for individuals wanting to learn more about computer resources and the tools mentioned in the course.  They can answer individual questions both through this blog and at their NOPC meetings.  The NOPC meets several times a month and they are a resource to learn  specific computer skills like installing programs, hardware questions or learning to use security tools.

See “About” under the Home menu for more information on the organizations involved in creating and preparing this slide show.

Most Current  PDF Version of Slide Presentation click here: (being updated)

Websites with good information:

Brian Krebs, formerly a reporter with the Washington Post does a superb job of keeping up with most current threats and reporting on them in very understandable language.  His posts are one source of information for the slideshow.

SANS an organization that provides training to Information Technology workers has a vast store of technical information and current updates.  You can subscribe to their free biweekly SANS NewsBites with summaries of breaking stories affecting internet security and commentary on them.  There is also a higher level newsletter SANS Execubites for the less technical and more business oriented and SANS Ouch! for monthly security awareness tips.

National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)

Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center:

I Keep Safe

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) http://www.nist.giv/itl/csd/nice.cfm

Reference Websites: These websites will save you hundreds of dollars.   There is NO Express or Implied ENDORSEMENT OF ANY PAID SERVICES LISTED. Where paid service links are listed it is because they also  offer good free advice or free products.  We do not provide endorsement of  ANY commercial products both for personal integrity and because there  are free products that do the same or better job.



2 Responses to Resources

  1. Brenda Taylor says:

    This security information was very informative and helpful.

  2. FJS says:

    The Ubuntu links in the resources where helpful because my knowledge was limited with using Ubuntu…

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