These terms are basic to an understanding of life on the digital frontier.

Here’s a poll to test knowledge of the vocabulary on this site.


IP address – (Internet Protocol; also IP, network address; ) this is the numerical address given to each computer on the Internet.  Think of it as similar to a phone number.  Version four of this numbering system (IPv4) has a format of four 3 character numbers from 0 to 254  separated by a period  e.g. aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd.  We know those numbers as (for example) http://www.microsoft.com.   

Domain Name System (DNS) translates the numerical IP address to and from word forms easier for humans to use.  So, for example one of the  IP addresses of http://www.microsoft.com   is http://207.46.1297.32 . DNS is the Internet service that does that automatically each time a web address is entered in the URL box or a link is clicked on.


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