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The World Wide Web (or WWW)  has similarities to the rugged Wild West of 150 years ago.  There  is little guidance, there are few laws, many of the laws that do exist are untested in courts.    Like 150 years ago, anyone can venture out into the frontier, but many stayed in reasonably safe towns and took precautions to keep themselves and their family safe.  What is safe?  What is security?  The goal is to be safe enough!

Goal: The goal of the 2 hour Become Cyber Rugged class (copy of Powerpoint presentation is under Home-Resources menu) is to give you enough reasonable actions to take to protect yourself, your family or business on the Internet.   The purpose is not to make you more paranoid or afraid, but to explain what the dangers are and what actions you can take to reduce your risk when using the Internet.  You will become more confident and self-sufficient!  If you know this information and take these actions you can be safe enough!

This information is also valuable to teachers, small businesses, and any one else who doesn’t have dedicated computer staff or can’t afford paying hundreds of dollars per hour for professional consultants.  The members of several professional information security organizations have prepared this material because of growing concern about how little is being done to help the people of our nation understand the risks and dangers and protections from rapidly changing technology.  These concepts, vocabulary and actions will give you a foundation for understanding the changes the digital age is bringing.

The information has been broken down into ten more bite sized pieces:

I. Information  — what do we have to protect?

II. Threats — who or what are the threats to our data and information

III. Impact — what impact would exposure or exploitation of our information have?

IV. Risk — we can’t protect it all, so how do we determine the risk of greatest impact?

V. Internet — the vehicle through which  threats exploit  our data

VI. Technology — how hardware impacts the risk to our data

VII. Programs — software contains the holes through which threats put data at risk

VIII. Remote — wireless access, access while away from “home base”

IX. Plan — 10 practical steps to take to minimize risk of  becoming a victim

X.  Legal — whom to report to if you become a victim; laws you need to know


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Twitter is an Internet “micro-blogging” service, meaning it is an interactive World Wide Web communication method for expressing quick ideas to friends (followers), giving status updates, for immediate distribution of information or exchange of short opinions.

Here’s a 2 minute You Tube explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1

Slideshow:  Getting Started with Twitter

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